CPVESS37kWp_30kW_60kWh Solar Battery

A micro-grid system with PV and storage, saving the energy bill outstandingly. Backup function, protecting your property from power outages and saving your diesel cost

DC Coupled Commercial PV + Storage


Technical Specifications

System Configuration

  • PV module
    68pcs*SS8-72HS -550M mono, PERC PV module
  • Mounting system
    1 set* CMS40kWp_Ballastedmounting system for commercial flat roofs
  • Hybrid inverter
    1 unit* SUN-30K-SG01HP3-EU-BM3 30kW solar battery hybrid inverter
  • Battery packs
    1set*GE-F60 614V100Ah high-voltage battery cabinet
  • Energy meter
    1 unit*3-phase energy meter
  • Accessories
    1C-4sq.mm DC1000V solar cable *16m; MC4 ports 1000V/30A/IP67 *68pcs; battery connectors and cables
  • DC combiner box
    1 unit*DC combiner box 40kVA

Working Conditions

  • Installation site
    Flat and concrete rooftop of commercial building
  • Max. building height
  • Snow load
    PV module: 5400Pa@front side,2400Pa@back side; mounting system: ≤2.4 kN/m2
  • Wind load
    PV module: 5400Pa@front side,2400Pa@back side; mounting system:≤60 m/s

PV Side

  • MPPT number/ max. input strings number
  • PV module number
  • PV array voltage at peak power
  • Peak input power
  • MPPT voltage range
    PV module:41.97V; Inverter:150-850V; PV array:713.49V
  • Open circuit voltage-Voc
    PV module:49.91V; Inverter:1000V; PV array:848.47V
  • Max. input current
    PV module:13.1A; Inverter:3*36 A; PV array:52.4A
  • Max. short circuit current
    PV module:14.02A; Inverter:3*55 A; PV array:56.08A

Battery Storage

  • Storage capacity
  • Battery voltage
    614V, 51.2V*N(N=12)
  • Nominal charging/discharging current
  • Nominal battery output power
  • Battery chemistry
  • DoD
  • Lifespan
    ≥6000 times @0.5C, 90%DoD,70%EOL

AC Side Grid-tied

  • AC output power
  • Grid voltage

AC Side Off-grid

  • Backup power
  • On-/off-grid switching time
    On to off within 20ms
  • Nominal backup time
    C.a. 2h

General Specs

  • Max. efficiency
    Max. inverter efficiency:97.6%; Inverter MPPT efficiency: 99.9%; inverter charging/discharging efficiency: 97.1%/97.1%; battery round trip efficiency: 91%; PV module max. efficiency:21.00%
  • Communication
    Inverter: RS485, CAN; Batteries:CAN
  • Operating temperature
    PV module:-40 to +85°C; Inverter:-40~60℃(derating@>45℃); Batteries:-0~55 ℃(charging) / -20~55°C(discharging)
  • Certifications
    Mounting system: TÜV certified and MCS accredited.PV module: IEC61215, IEC61730, UL61730; Inverter: Grid Connection: G99, VDE-AR-N 4105, CEI 0-21, EN50549, NRS097, RD140, UNE217002,OVE-Richtlinie R25; safety: IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-1/2/3/4,IEC 61727, IEC 62116; Batteries: IEC61000, UKCA
  • Warranty
    Mounting system: 10 years for steel cost-efficient solution, 15 years for high-performance Aluminium solution; PV module: 12years product warranty, 25 years linear power warranty; Inverter: 5 years,10 years optional; Batteries: 10 years battery warranty
  • Enclosures
    PV array: outdoor installation; Inverter:IP65; Batteries:IP55
  • Dimensions (W*H*D)
    PV module:1134X2278X30 mm; Inverter:527×894×294 mm (connectors and brackets excl.); Batteries:battery cabinet:735x2250x1050 mm, battery module: 440x150x570 mm
  • Weight
    PV module:27.5 kg; Inverter:80kg; Batteries:cabinet with batteries: 950kg,battery module: 44kg
  • Packaging
    PV module:36pcs/ pallet, 720pcs/ 40HQ
Key Components
  • Unbalanced output
  • Retrofitting applicable
  • From leading manufacturer
  • Support storing energy from diesel generator
Key Components
SS8-72HS Series 540~560W Mono-Facial Module
  • From the manufacturing expert of PV cell and module, ranking as TOP4 solar cell supplier with 25GW capacity
  • Half-cut technology, reducing current loss and hot spot risk
  • High power output, with MBB and high-density encapsulation ensures higher power output
  • Gallium doped wafers reduce annual power degradation, optimized circuit design ensures more power generation under shading
  • Mono, PERC module with 21.7% maximum efficiency, new TOPCon technology optional
Key Components
GE-F60 60kWh, IP55 Cabinet-integrated ESS
  • Pre-assembled and highly integrated
  • Capacity expandable
  • Tailored for C&I application up to 500kWh
  • Reliable with 10 year battery warranty
Key Components
50~75kWp Commercial Flat Mounting System
  • Adaptive mid and end clamps design with thickness 35 mm to 50mm adjustable, compatible with the installation of mainstream PV modules.
  • The tilt angle can be adjusted from 10D to 25D.Adopting concrete block or ground screw piles as foundation are both feasible for this system
  • 20 years' quality assurance. Using super high-quality aluminum alloy material, the surface is plated with 15μ oxide film. The production is carried out in our ISO9001 certified factory.Certification and standards.
  • Designed according to Japan JIS standards. TÜV certified and MCS accredited.
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