Different roof shapes, pitches and roofing often make the installation of a solar system an individual challenge. VG Solar mounting solutions are especially durable, have a high load capacity and are quick to install – and therefore good value for money.

VG Solar 15~20kW Commercial Solar Carports Unit
  • Modular design, capacity extendable based on standard module with 15 to 20kW, 30 to 36 pcs of PV panels for 4-car parking
  • Click-into-rail design for quick installation and adaptive clamps compatible with PV panels depths from 35 to 50mm
  • 15 years warranty, 20 design life with extreme weather tolerable
  • Designed according to Japan JIS standards; TÜV certified and MCS accredited; ISO9001 certified factory
Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Application site
    Open terrain- for commercial/industrial
  • Subsystem power
  • Total system power
    N*16.35kW, scalable up to 250kW
  • Suysystem PV layout
    5x6 pcs of 540W modules in landscape installation
  • Wind load
    Up to 25 m/s (0.39 kN/m2)
  • Snow load
  • Applicable module
    Framed or frameless
  • Module orientation
  • Module inclination
  • Min. height from the ground
  • Lifetime
    20 years
  • Standards
    JIS, TÜV; MCS for UK installation; ISO9001 for factory
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