EVAC7.0kW Home AC Charging Solution

Home AC charging stations with 3kW to 22kW per charging point for personal house private charging or apartment buildings sharing etc.

Home AC Charging Solution

The most convenient place to charge your car is in the home. Easy to install EV chargers for home, with all of the components needed for smart home integration and all available from a single, trusted supplier.


Technical Specifications

System Configuration

  • EV Charger
    1 unit*7kW/11kW home AC charger
  • OCPP gateway
    1 unit* OCPP Gateway OPTIONAL

Application Scenario

  • Scenario
    Private home slow charging

AC Input

  • AC voltage
    1/N/PE, 220V/230V;3/N/PE, 380V/400V
  • Rated current
  • Rated power
    7kW; 11kW


  • Charging connectors
    Type 2 cable, 4m cable length
  • Output voltage
    230Vac; 400Vac
  • Output current
  • Charging power
    7kW; 11kW
  • User interface
    App/RFID authorization/LED indicator(G/Y/R)/LCD display

General System Specs

  • Communication
    WiFi, Bluetooth optional, supporting OCPP1.6Json(OCPP2.0 optional)
  • Operating temperature
  • Certifications
    EN/IEC61851-1:2017,EN/IEC61851-21-2:2018; RCD Type A
  • Warranty
    2 years
  • Enclousures
    IP65,IK10,plastic PC940
  • Dimensions (W*H*D)
    Net: 181*328*87 mm; 255*415*190 mm
  • Weight
    Net: 3.2kg; packaged: 3.5kg
  • Packaging
Key Components
7kW/11kW Wallbox AC7000-AE-25
  • Available in 7 and 11kW versions , applicable for Europe
  • Free app allows energy monitoring and charge scheduling
  • Compact neat design, wallbox or floor-standing installation
  • RFID reader for additional security
  • 6mA DC residual current detection
  • OCPP communication protocol with CMS
Key Components
  • Compatible with OCPP 1.6(JSON)
  • Support Ethernet/WIFI/4G
  • Support to connect with max. 12pcs of chargers
  • IP21 protection class
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