CESS500kW_1MWh Energy Storage System

Battery storage solutions for C&I customers can lower utility bills, generate new revenues, and provide resilience with backup power. When AC coupled with solar PV and other distributed energy resources (DERs), battery storage gives your business tremendous flexibility and control over managing energy use and costs.

Commercial Energy Storage System


Technical Specifications

System Configuration

  • Battery inverter
    1 unit*500kW battery inverter
  • Battery packs
    6 units*175kWh battery rack with BMS+MBMS
  • EMS
    1 unit* Energy Management System
  • Container
    1 unit* 20ft container
  • Fire extinguisher
    1 set* FM200 gas fire extinguisher system for 20ft container
  • Air conditioner
    1 set*5kW air conditioning and ventilation cooling system
  • Power distribution system
    1 set* 500kVA AC distribution cabinet
  • Auxiliary system
    2 units*3-phase energy meter
  • Accessories
    1 set* Auxilary system and accessories( power supply, lights, meters, video monitor, earthing, AC&DC cables, connectors etc.)

Scenario & Priority

  • Application scenario
    Peak shaving, EV charging power enhancement or demand response with decentralized systems
  • Installation site
    Outdoor installation on the ground with 20ft container

Battery Storage

  • Storage capacity
  • Battery voltage
    729.6V (638.4~820.8V), 38.4 V*N(N=19)
  • Nominal charging/discharging current
    6*120A/6*120A max.; 6*60A/6*60A rated
  • Nominal battery output power
    262kW nominal; 525kW max.
  • Battery chemistry
  • DoD
  • Lifespan
    ≥4000 times @0.5C, 80%DoD,80%EOL

AC Side Grid-tied

  • AC output power
  • Grid voltage

AC Side Off-grid

  • Backup power
    500kW; overload capability: 110% for long term operation
  • On-/off-grid switching time
  • Nominal backup time

General System Specs

  • Max. efficiency
    Max. system efficiency: 94%; charging/discharging efficiency:98.20%; Battery round trip efficiency: 96%
  • Communication
    Inverter: CAN*2 ports; RS485*1 port; Ethernet*1 port; Battery:CAN/RS485/Ethernet
  • Operating temperature
    Inverter: -30~55℃(derating@>50℃); Battery:-10~+55℃
  • Certifications
    Inverter: CE; Battery: UL1973/IEC62619/GB36276/UN38.3/ MSDS
  • Warranty
    Inverter: 5 years standard warranty; Battery: 5 years battery warranty
  • Enclousures
    Inverter: IP20; Battery:IP20
  • Dimensions (W*H*D)
    Inverter: 1200*2100*800mm;Battery rack:1046*2100*674 mm; Battery module: 465*186*672mm
  • Weight
    Inverter: 1300kg; Battery system: ~2000kg
  • Packaging
    Inverter- qty. per 20ft HQ continer: 5 units; qty. per 40ft HQ container: 10 units; Batteries- qty. per pallet: 10pcs of battery modules; qty. per 20ft HQ continer: 10 units of battery cabinets, or 9~11 pallets of battery modules; qty. per 40ft HQ container: 20 units of battery cabinets, or 20~23 pallets of battery modules
Key Components
500kW PCS
Key Components
175kWh battery rack with BMS+MBMS
  • Modular design and capacity scalableFlexible voltage range from 200V to 1000Vdc
  • Three layer management system design to ensure high reliability
  • Rack mounted or container installation are both feasible
  • With advanced LiFePO4 battery technology, over 4000 times lifecycles at 0.5C, 80%EOL
Key Components
3-phase Energy Meter
  • Accurate. 0.5 class measurement precision level
  • 3-phase cost-effective meter
  • Easy to install. 35mm din rail mounted
  • High reliability, 5 years’ warranty optional
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