Smarter and Safer Mounting System Solution for Flat Roofs

Ideal mounting solution for flat roofs with low ballast potential and with/without parapet

≤1MWp Ballasted Mounting for Commercial Flat Roofs
  • Completely innovative, unilateral elevation system with less components and lower ballast
  • Equipped with pre-assembled components, 40% less installation time so that a team of 4 workers can install 50kW per day
  • Orientation changes from south-east to south-west, with similar yield performance
  • 10°, 12° or 15° elevation angle options available
  • Foldable triangles, less transportation space
  • Aerodynamically optimized with wind breaker on reverse enabling minimal ballasted weight
Technical Specifications

Main Component Lists

  • Foldable Triangle
    3648 pcs
  • Wind Deflector
    1824 pcs
  • Ballast Pan
    1976 pcs
  • Connection
    1729 pcs
  • End Clamp
    608 pcs
  • Middle Clamp
    3344 pcs

Technical Specifications

  • Roof type
    Membrane and bitumen roof
  • Compatible PV modules
    All modules, according to manufacturer's instruction
  • Module orientation
    Landscape or Portrait
  • System orientation
    South-east to South-west
  • Material
  • Roof connection
    Latent ballast laying, no roof penetration
  • Load standards
    DIN EN1991(Eurocode 1) Actions on structures
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