Rhineland-Palatinate: State Parliament advises bill on mandatory photovoltaics for new commercial buildings and parking spaces
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From: PV Magazine. JULY 8, 2021 SANDRA ENKHARDT

Rhineland-Palatinate is planning a solar obligation for new commercial buildings and large parking lots.


In their coalition agreement from May, the parliamentary groups of the SPD, Greens and FDP had already spoken out in favor of compulsory solar power on new commercial buildings and parking spaces with more than 50 parking spaces. In the coming week, the state parliament will discuss such a project. The bill, which provides for a photovoltaic obligation for new commercial buildings and new large commercial parking spaces, comes directly from the center of the state parliament, as the Green State Climate Protection Minister Anne Spiegel said on Thursday. This is an important milestone in order to achieve the photovoltaic expansion target in the state. In order to generate our electricity from wind, sun, biomass and water by 2030, we have to triple the proportion of solar energy to at least 7,700 megawatts. The solar obligation will provide us with significant support here, ”said Spiegel. Your ministry will assist the companies with the implementation. "A more specific state ordinance and advisory services, among others from the Energy Agency Rhineland-Palatinate, are in planning",

In addition, the minister announced that an update of the photovoltaic open space ordinance was planned for autumn. In 2018, Rhineland-Palatinate made use of the state opening clause in the EEG and released 50 megawatts per year for photovoltaic open-space systems on low-yield and species-poor grassland. For the planned renewal of the regulation in autumn, Spiegel announced an increase in the volume. This should also contribute to the achievement of the photovoltaic expansion target.

Most recently, the state of Berlin decided to introduce mandatory photovoltaics for new buildings . Such a regulation had previously been issued in Hamburg, Bremen and Baden-Württemberg. Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein are currently working on corresponding draft laws that provide for the obligation to install photovoltaic systems on new buildings.

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