RPV10.0kWp Rooftop PV

QC renewables offers customers complete residential solar system solutions to meet their green energy needs. QC renewables’ residential solar power systems are designed to meet different building applications in system sizes from 2.5kWp to 20kWp.

3-Phase Residential Rooftop PV Solution

With various level of governments’ financial support for solar PV system installation and feed-in-tariff for purchasing solar power fed into the grid, solar power system investment has become a risk-free financial product with a very attractive rate of return.

QC Renewables also provides customized solar system solutions for special solar energy requirements.


Technical Specifications

System Configuration

  • PV module
    22 pcs*450W mono PV modules
  • PV inverter
    1 pcs*10kW 3-phase string PV inverter
  • Mounting system
    1 set* 10kWp pitched, tile rooftop mounting system
  • Monitor
    1pcs* WIFI/GPRS/LAN data logging stick
  • Accessories
    Accessories-MC4 ports and DC cables: 4sq.mm DC 1000V solar cables *2m;MC4 ports 1000V 30A IP67 *22 pcs

Scenario & Priorities

  • Installation site
    Pitched and tile roof
  • Max. building height
    ≤20 m
  • Snow load
    PV module: max. 5400-7200pa snow load upon request; mounting system: ≤2.4 kN/m2
  • Wind load
    PV module: 2400Pa; mounting system:≤60 m/s

DC Input

  • MPPT number/ max. input strings number
  • PV module number
  • PV array voltage at peak power
  • MPPT voltage range
    Inverter: 160-850V; PV module: 41.50Vmpp max.
  • Open circuit voltage-Voc
    PV module: 48.90V; PV array: 538V
  • Max. input current
    Inverter: 11A/11A; PV module: 10.85A Impp
  • Max. short circuit current
    Inverter: 17.2A/17.2A; PV module:11.60A

AC Output

  • AC output power
  • Rated grid voltage
    3/N/PE, 220 V / 380 V, 230 V / 400V

General System Specs

  • Max. efficiency
  • Communication
    RS485, optional: Wi-Fi, GPRS
  • Operating temperature
    -25 ~ +60°C
  • Certifications
    Grid connection standard: G98 or G99, VDE-AR-N 4105 / VDE V 0124, EN 50549-1, VDE 0126 / UTE C 15 / VFR:2019, RD 1699 / RD 244 / UNE 206006 / UNE 206007-1, CEI 0-21, C10/11, NRS 097-2-1, TOR, EIFS 2018.2, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 60068, IEC 61683, EN 50530; Inverter safety/EMC standards: IEC/EN 62109-1/-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-1/-2/-3/-4; PV module: IEC 61215 61730 PID certificates; Mounting system: designed according to Japan JIS standards. TÜV certified and MCS accredited
  • Warranty
    Inverter: 5 years standard warranty; PV modules: 12 years material and workmanship warranty, 25 years linear output warranty; Mounting system: ≥10 years
  • Enclousures
    Inverter: IP65(outdoor); PV array: outdoor installation
  • Dimensions (W*H*D)
    Inverter: 310*563*219 mm PV module: 1038x2094x35 mm
  • Weight
    Inverter: 11.5kg; PV module: 23.5kg
  • Packaging
    Inverters- qty per pallet: 12 pcs; qty. per 20ft container: 264 pcs; qty. per 40ft container: 528 pcs; PV modules- qty. per 20ft container:300pcs; qty. per 40ft HQ container: 715pcs
Key Components
10kW Three Phase PV Inverter
  • Max. efficiency 98%
  • Multiple protections levels
  • Wide voltage range and low startup voltage
  • 2 MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm
  • THDi<1.5%, low harmonic distortion against grid
  • Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
Key Components
10kWp Pitched Tile Mounting System
  • High durable double adjustable SUS304 hook kits for mainstream roof installations
  • Click-in system for quick installation,40% installation time saved
  • Adaptive clamps design with PV module thickness from 35mm to 50mm adjustable
  • 20 years’ quality assurance with extreme weather tolerable
Key Components
435W-455W Mars Series High Efficiency PERC Half Cell Modules
  • 455W|450W|445W|440W|435W
  • 20.90% module efficiency
  • 455W highest output power
  • 12 years material and workmanship warranty
  • 25 years linear output warranty
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